Preorders open from now till the end of November!

Houtarou: Energy Conservation T-Shirt
Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Please email with the following details

-Your name
-T-shirt size
-Preferred mode of payment

For local orders, you can choose to pay through either PayPal or meet-up.

You can pick up the shirts through meet up, or I can mail it to you (At additional cost, though).


 Please note: For overseas orders (not from Singapore), please make sure you can pay by PayPal. 

You will need to send a deposit of SGD$10 (About USD$8) before I can confirm your preorder. Please only send payment after you receive a confirmation email from me!

The price will be the balance of $20 (USD$16) plus shipping to your country. We will arrange for a shipping method with tracking.


It’s our first time opening orders, so please read through carefully, and ask if you need any clarification. Thanks!

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